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About Chairman of the Board

Hersh Altayyar
Descending from Khoshnaw ancient clan, in which it is one of the oldest families in Erbil city, the capital of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, born in Erbil on 1st of May 1969, completed his primary education in Al-Qadisiyah province in 1979-1980, and the secondary stage in  Erbil/ Salahaddin resort and the preparatory school in the city of Erbil, he graduated from Vocational Training Center / Military Industrialization Center MIC/ Diyala University/ Electronic Engineering Branch in 1988 and later on, he obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Free University in the Netherlands in 2009.​
 He occupied several governmental positions with all the success and efficiency and started his career at the MIC 1988. In 1989 he transferred his career to the Electrical facilities / the Ministry of Industry and Minerals at that time, and he was responsible for communications Department / Directorate of Electricity Distribution in Erbil, and in the light of his high responsibility and efficiency he received several certificates of appreciation and assigned as a Director of Electricity Department in Saladin in 1990, and in 1994 as a Director-General / Ministry of Electricity in KRG in proxy,  and served as Director- General at Ministry of Industry and Energy in KRG in 1995, And then devoted himself to work in the private sector in 1997, where he founded his own company (Judy Company) worked in the field of oil and trade of petroleum products, also was assigned as a Deputy Chairman of the 2000,
In 2000, he had the vital and active role in cooperation with the Turkish 77 company to establish 77 Group for Contracting and Construction, and after the fall of the X-regime, he had an effective role in the reconstruction of infrastructure in the whole of Iraq generally and in KRG in particular, where he participated in building tunnels and bridges in cooperation with the central government, the government of Kurdistan region and the engineering bodies of the Coalition Forces.

  Also he was chosen as a member at the General Federation of Iraqi businessmen/ Baghdad, and later on he established the Federation of Iraqi Businessmen / KRG in cooperation with elite and well-known businessmen and was elected as a president of the Federation in 2007. In 2008, he was honored in getting the position of (The Iraqi-Liberians Economic Adviser) and founded the Iraqi-Liberian advisory body; also he was elected as a member at the Council of the Arab- Czech Chambers of Commerce in 2008. Also he founded the Satellite TV-Channel (United Media in 2008), and later on the United establishment for Information and publishing, as well as Hawler Satellite TV-Channel. In 2009 he founded Al Tayyar group, and lately in 2011, he became one of the founders of the Investors’ Federation in Kurdistan.
-Helping the poor and needy people besides supporting humanitarian organizations
-Securing treatment outside the country for the patients of difficult cases 
-Participation in building schools and houses of worship
-Helping orphanage and elderly social care centers
-Securing job opportunities for youth and unemployed people

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